Why Smart Logis?


 ◈  Pursuing mutual growth through supporting customers' international competitiveness


 ◈  Batch processing system (one-stop processing)
    - Packaging, transportation, customs clearance, storage, quarantine, etc


 ◈  On-demand service team operation
    - Personalized service  support


 ◈  Synergy effect through the operation of a customs clearance/quarantine company 

 ◈  Expertise in related fields

 ◈  Top priority for customer satisfaction

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Cost Effective

▣  Best logistics service at the best price

▣  Innovative logistics cost reduction

▣  Contribute to customers product competitiveness

▣  Minimum cost/labor and maximum efficiency

▣ Optimized Leadtime




▣  Key Performance Indicator

▣  Hot-line with customers and business partners

▣  Just in time Delivery Service



▣  Former Cheif of Ulsan customhouse CEO, with sense of duty and responsibility

▣  Hot-line with customers and business partners

▣  Tight customer support (Located in the vicinity of Ul)

▣  Aims for maximum customer satisfaction (Customized service)

▣  Reliable international/domestic logistics service